The Phoenix is a magical fire bird from around the world. 

     Phoenix Rizen Day Spa is inspired by the mythical bird. This legend of a mysterious bird known as the Phoenix was popular in Ancient Egypt and later became part of the culture of Ancient Greece. As the story has it, the phoenix is a magnificent bird with red and gold plumage that lives for 500 years before suddenly bursting into flames and being consumed by the fire. From the ashes, a young phoenix then arises and begins anew. Our goal at Phoenix Rizen Day Spa is to help you be reborn and  rise like this mythical bird to a new beginning.   Come experience a relaxing, unique spa experience at Phoenix Rizen Spa, where an aromatic and calming atmosphere create a haven from the outside world. Phoenix Rizen Spa is a peaceful escape from daily life. It is a destination for replenishment of the mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy soothing skin treatments and restorative massage using the highest quality organic and medical grade products. Each of our therapies is customized to meet your individual needs and performed in a private treatment room. Leave our spa, rise from the ashes, with the best version of yourself after a full-day immersion in the healing environment of our spa.

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