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Welcome to Phoenix Rizen! The Phoenix is a symbolic, mystical bird that is cyclical in nature. It dies and is born again, rising from the ashes, renewed and revitalized with God’s Love.  Similarly, we can draw parallels with the story of Jesus Christ.

We aim to treat our clients so well at Phoenix Rizen Day Spa, that they too may leave feeling revitalized and renewed of mind, body and soul.

Day Spa

Come experience a relaxing, unique spa experience at Phoenix Rizen Spa, where an aromatic and calming atmosphere create a haven from the outside world. Phoenix Rizen Spa is a peaceful escape from daily life. It is a destination for replenishment of the mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy soothing skin treatments and restorative massage using the highest quality organic products. Each of our therapies is performed in a private treatment room so you can be most comfortable. Leave our spa, rise from the ashes, with the best version of yourself after a full-day immersion into the healing environment in our spa.

Our spa includes:

– Soothing Massages

– Facials

– Bali Wrap

– Makeup and Lashes

– Spray tans

– Waxing

– Skin Care

– And more

Relaxation  – $ 70.00

Deep  –        $ 80.00

Mixed  –      $ 95.00

Bali Wrap  –  $ 70.00

Spray Tans  –  $ 30.00

Make Up and Lashes…   Call for a quote