Our body massage spa is totally customizable to your activities and individual needs. Phoenix Rizen Spa uses a technique that combines the latest stretch research and massage therapy with relaxation techniques as well. Aromas meant to relax the body and mind fill the air, and your massage is that much more effective. Our body massage spa is a unique experience and can be part of a complete treatment or utilized individually to relax and heal your body. A 30, 60 or 90 minute session will leave you feeling more relaxed and energetic immediately. Our day spa in Lynchburg is experienced in massage therapy and Phoenix Rizen Spa will be a great escape from the daily grind. Experience how massage therapy can be an important part of maintaining your health.


Relaxation                    $75.00   

Deep Sport                    $85.00 

Blended Custom          $95.00

Two Hour Massage  $170.00

Reflexology  Feet        $65.00

ADD ONS                       $30.00

Aromatherapy             $85.00

*Hot Stone Crystal or Shell is an add on to any massage.