Spa Services

If you’re looking for someone to apply facials delicately and with care, you’ve found the right one in Phoenix Rizen Spa. Following a consultation and skin analysis, our Master Esthetician will design a facial to appropriately address your concerns and based on the individual needs of your skin. This spa facial treatment focuses on purifying with deep hydration and antiaging techniques. This treatment provides instant results, is more effective than traditional facials, and it produces long-lasting effects. It is both refreshing and restorative as it activates the collagen in your body and creates a younger, fresher look. We offer a variety of unique, individualized chemical peel treatments that can help mitigate the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. We also treat the tolls of acne such as dark spots resulting from acne.

Our Spa Facial Treatment Service Includes:

  • Customized Facial

With the option for extractions, our customized facial will leave your skin refreshed and radiant. Using a superior blend of skin care products, including aromatherapy, as well as a relaxing massage of the upper body.

  • Euro Facial

Deep, thorough cleansing treatment for the face and neck. This is often referred to as an introductory Facial because its uncomplicated in nature, but should be done on a regular basis to upkeep the healthiest version of your skin. Getting a Euro Facial semi-frequently is the foundation to ongoing skin care routine.

Mini Facial         – $ 60.00

Peels       – $ 60 – 90.00

Euro Facials       – $ 75.00

Diamond Micro – $ 75.00

Deep Cleanse   – $ 95.00

Pampering        – $ 125.00

Signature Gold  – $ 145.00

Customized           – $ 145.00

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