We offer a variety of waxing services to suit your needs including bikini wax, Brazilian wax, eyebrow waxing, and more. Whether you’re a professional on the go or a gorgeous undergrad at Liberty, Randolph or Lynchburg College, we have the perfect wax solution for you. Let Phoenix Rizen Spa’s waxing services get you ready for swimsuit season or just a touch up on those eyebrows. Conventional waxing is painful and can be ineffective. At Phoenix Rizen Spa, we’ve perfected the art of waxing services. We use warm wax that’s gentle on sensitive skin, yet strong enough to remove your most stubborn hairs. With minimal discomfort and maximum effectiveness, we provide waxing you can actually enjoy!


Our Waxing Services Include:

-Brazilian wax

Feeling adventurous? Brazilian wax is the choice for you! Our Body Wax Experts remove all the hair from front to back leaving a shape in the middle, or we can remove it all. Our technique is all natural and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. It adheres only to the hair and not your skin, reducing pain, redness, and irritation.

-Eyebrow Wax

Your eyebrows can completely alter your facial appearance and change how others see you. A well-shaped eyebrow can do more for your face than many other cosmetics.

-Bikini wax

We offer a full menu of affordable services for women and men when it comes to removing the hair for swimsuit season. Whether you want the adventurous Brazilian, the or a French waxing, or the Bikini wax, our experienced Body Waxing Specialists will personalize the process and customize a bikini shape that works for you.


Brow, Lip and Face

$ 20 – 45.00

Arm, Under Arm, Abdomen or medium area

$ 35 – 65.00

Bikini, French, or Brazilian

$ 50 – 85.00

Men’s Back or Chest

$ 60.00


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